Our Program

  1. Development of a Network of CERIC centers at universities throughout Indonesia
  2. Seminars, Lecture and Training
    • Biweekly discussion series on conflict resolution
    • Movie discussion
    • Conflict Resolution Training for Jakarta Police Officers:
    • General Lectures for Armed Force Personnel and Police Officers
    • CERIC-United Nations Seminar on Internal Displaced Persons (IDPs)
      (The proceeding of this seminar could be downloaded by visiting:
    • CERIC-USIP-AIM Workshop on Communal Conflict and Peace Education in Indonesia.
    • Training on Peer Mediation
  3. Peace Building
    • CERIC Approach for Sustainable Peace
      CERIC has developed a manual on practical ways to work for sustainable peace in regions of conflicts. This manual includes suggestions for quick-action aid and an integrated program for participatory social development, trust building, and the reestablishment of security.
    • CERIC - Yayasan Nurani Dunia Joint Programs in Poso and Aceh
    • Media Campaign
    • Indonesian Peace Building Directory Website
      CERIC put on its website a data base of peace building organizations throughout Indonesia( http://www.direktori-perdamaian.org)
  4. Research
    • Miriam Budiardjo Award (strategic research of Indonesian General Election)
    • Sponsor of Foreign Researchers on conflict in Indonesia
  5. Publication
    • Journal of Social Action, in cooperation with Department of Social Affairs, Republic of Indonesia AND Master Program of Social Development, Department of Sociology University of Indonesia (http://www.aksisosial.org)
    • Compilation of Intergroup Relations and Conflict Resolution Syllabus
    • Manual handout “CERIC Approach for Sustainable Peace”
  6. Course
    • Managing Course on Conflict Management and Peace building at Graduate Program of Sociology, Faculty of Social and Political Sciences, University of Indonesia
    • Summer Course Institute of Peace Building and Conflict Resolution” (IPCR) Jakarta, 2006, in cooperation with Alliance for Conflict Transformation, USA

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